Triangle Face Podcast Ep 4 – Deal With It


This week on Triangle Face Podcast, we will be discussing summer movies and more specifically the newest Godzilla movie. As you can imagine, this episode is going to be full of spoilers so listen at your own risk!

Triangle Face Podcast Ep 4 – Deal With It


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Triangle Face Podcast Ep 3 – The Full Winnie The Pooh


Another few weeks have passed, and it’s time once again for another largely substandard episode of Triangle Face Podcast. This time the guys (and Sarah) tell stories of everyone’s favorite pastime – drinkin’ the booze. While some of us are too old for the party guy lifestyle of our youths, it’s fun to look back and see just how stupid we were. Confused by the title of this episode? Keep listening…

Triangle Face Podcast Ep 3 – The Full Winnie The Pooh

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