Triangle Face Podcast Ep 2 – Danger in Quicksand Swamp

quicksand swamp

In this episode, Stephen, Dave, and Brad discuss people that whine about books being turned into movies. They they do some whining themselves. Then they talk about obscure children’s books. All in all, nothing gets accomplished!

Triangle Face Podcast Ep 2 – Danger in Quicksand Swamp

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Triangle Face Podcast Ep 1 – Room 237

Room 237 [Rolling Stone]

On this episode, Dave, Mike, Steve, and Brad discuss a Stanley Kubrick related documentary called Room 237. This film is a HIGHLY acclaimed, and award winning film for some reason that our crew really does not enjoy all that much. Are there homoerotic erections everywhere? Minotaurs? Nazi Typewriters? The answer is NO!


Triangle Face Podcast Ep 1 – Room 237





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Our new show, The Triangle Face Podcast, will soon be here and will be available to listeners for subscription in the iTunes store, Feed Burner and other “podcatching” providers. The Triangle Face Podcast focuses on pop culture, movies, music, and a whole slew of other diverse topics and is geared toward older “Millennials“.

Stay tuned for more info!