Triangle Face Podcast Ep 9 – Tales From Ghetto Apartment

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Brad is still not with us this week, meaning that we have another guest filled episode. This week’s show is yet another one featuring us telling stories of our past. This time, we aren’t discussing drunk stories, but stories about the time when we all lived in a terrible apartment that was about to fall down. featuring such classics as “the possum tale” and “Ginger’s pants fall down”. Did the apartment fall down as well? Did we all escape okay? Find these mysteries out and more this week on Triangle Face Podcast! Featuring specials guests Jason and Ava Clark!


Triangle Face Podcast Ep 9 – Tales From Ghetto Apartment

Triangle Face Podcast Ep 7 – Get out of my Head Charles!




This week the crew discusses the new X-Men film, X-men Days of Future Past. Do we discuss how the movie was? Do we discuss the travels of Ferdinand Magellan? Does Dave discover more ammo to combat Mike in his never-ending quest to dethrone Wolverine as top dog of the Marvel universe? We answer all of this and more.


Triangle Face Podcast Ep 7 – Get out of my Head Charles!


Triangle Face Podcast Ep 6 – Lawnmower Man



Here is the second part of our long-winded discussion on video games. This time we take a step back to review a new interdependently-made role playing game called Siralim and attempt to give away  some free stuff. That is, until our run-in with the fabled lawnmower man.


Triangle Face Podcast Ep 6 – Lawnmower Man

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